Master Provisions sponsors and leads short-term mission trips to work alongside our partner agencies overseas. The goal is to help communities achieve self-sufficiency, and aid in Christian evangelism.

Recent mission trips dedicated the Bill Adams Sewing Center in Togo; assisted a school in Prishtina, Kosova; helped expand the Hill Climber Coffee Farm in Honduras; and helped expand operations at Mawuto (God’s) Farm in Togo.

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Togo: June 22 – July 1, 2018


Up to 6 Team Members – Remodeling of Mission House (construction experience required)
Up to 2 team members – Work at Mawuto Farm (farm experience required)
Up to 2 team members – Work at Bill Adams Sewing Center
Other team members
Teaching children in villages
Opportunities to teach adults
Visit sponsored at-risk children
Visit Mawuto Farm
Participate in worship services

$2900 + personal spend money
Price includes airfare, lodging, food, projects and trip management

Guatemala: February 10-17, 2018


$1500 + personal spend money
$700 includes lodging, food, project cost, and trip management
Needed: 20 people preferably with construction experience (but not required, we laborers too)

Why so soon? Our partner in Guatemala, TEN FE, is a non-profit that works with orphans and underprivileged children. Their goal is to build a school for kids to get a good, quality education- an opportunity they currently do not have. They have the land, but what they are missing is a security wall. The wall will be 20ft high cement block perimeter that will protect the property of the future school. Once this wall is built we can begin to receive construction materials. We have raised about 15% of the total funding for construction of the school. But we believe once we prepare the way with a faith-filled move God will also move.


Guatemala: May 21-26, 2018

$875 for lodging, food, project cost and trip management.
Plus airfare anywhere from $700 to $1000. Each individual is responsible for booking their own flights. Approx total cost of trip could be as much as $1875.

Come experience 6 days of immersion with the TEN FE students in Santiago, Guatemala. Spend time interacting with them on a daily basis, work on specific projects for the betterment of some TEN FE families and contribute to working on some of the light construction of the TEN FE school/property. You will not only be touched by the TEN FE kids, seeing extreme poverty firsthand, and what you do during the week, but you will also be transformed. Don’t miss out on this powerful opportunity to grow personally and spiritually. 

Ukraine Mission Trip: July 21-31, 2018


We will be visiting orphanages and working with the My Home team that helps families in crisis, assists homeless children and provides training and other family care services. We need up to 15 friendly team members to assist leading a week of VBS and Family Camp.


Helpful Team Member Skill; Requested but not required:
Professional Massage Therapists
Professional Behavioral Rehab Specialists
Anyone with a heart for kids


$2600 + personal spend money
Price includes airfare, lodging, food, projects and trip management