Join The MP 20$20 Team with a donation of $20 per month, only 67 cents per day!


You can serve God by connecting resources to people in need each day with Master Provisions. Share in our vision and serve together with us until every physical and spiritual need has been fulfilled.

Your gift of only 67 cents per day helps 5 people living in crisis.

Ways for you to join the MP 20$20 Team:

*Set up your recurring donation on the donation page. Click Here

*Set up bill pay for giving each month through your bank account.

* Send a check to Master Provisions with your phone number and email to start your monthly giving. Specify your donation is for the MP 20$20 Team.

*Or contact Linda for assistance in joining the team at 859-474-0467 or .

In our mission of Connecting Resources to Needs, Master Provisions also:

  • Provides care for at-risk children
  • Offers life skills training
  • Creates jobs locally and globally

For more information on these missions, visit our website or call Linda for a tour of our facilities.