Master Provisions distributes donated clothing, shoes, sewing and farming equipment, and some medical and educational supplies to mission partners in Ukraine, Kosova, Togo, Ghana, and Honduras. Our model for international outreach focuses on staying in close contact with personnel overseas so that we seek out and provide the specific resources they need to serve others.

For example, we ask for clothing or shoes that are undamaged and appropriate to the climate and culture of the people who receive it.

Caring for Children

Generous gifts from Master Provisions’ donors support care for orphaned or fostered children in Ukraine and Togo as well as education for poor children in Guatemala.


Master Provisions has been partnering with First Church Impact Mission since 2007 starting in Niger, through Burkina Faso, and now on to Ghana where they started a sewing ministry with 15 students. Emmanuel and his wife Lauren will be joining the other missionaries in Niger and Ghana in 2019 to continue to share the gospel and bring people to Jesus. 

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Master Provisions partners with Medical Ambassadors which is run by Kpowbie Daniel. Daniel’s focuses on three areas:  CHE, Community, Health and Education.  He also takes care of Mawuto Farm, which means “God’s Farm”. This farm employees two people and helps create revenue for the ministry. The Bill Adams Sewing Center, dedicated in 2015, provides jobs for 13 ladies.

Thank you to Rick Newman for the generous donation of the dozer, which will be used on Mawuto Farm.


Master Provisions partners with Ten Fe (“have faith” in Spanish) to fund primary schooling for children in Santiago, Guatemala. Without basic literacy and math skills, these children would have little chance to escape poverty, and without education, the reality that faces these children is grim. Ten Fe’s long term goal is to build a school for children to attend.

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Master Provisions partners with His Eyes to reach Hondurans and beyond through clinics, church plants, clothing ministry, food distribution programs, and hosting short term groups.

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Master Provisions partners with Team Kosova to show the love of Christ through Prishtina School for children grades 1-12, which houses 150 students.  They also facilitate a sports ministry, support thirty clothing distributors, and teach English courses to the community.

We are praising God the tariffs have been lifted and a shipment has been sent to Kosova.  We are praying it is received well, and there are no issues at customs. Those shipments currently create jobs for 56 Kosovars and provide free and/or affordable clothing to thousands of their citizens.


Master Provisions partners with My Home which primarily serves families in crisis to give them resources. They serve people with disabilities, train families to become foster families, and help foster children get placed into christian homes. 

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